Administrative Disputes

Our firm provides a wide range of administrative remedies, including tax matters, land expropriation, promotion of private participation in infrastructure projects, government procurement, and other administrative procedures such as civil service discipline and teachers' act, as well as subsequent administrative remedies.

Our firm provides administrative remedies in all types of administrative proceedings, including taxation matters, land expropriation and other related land regulations, and subsequent administrative remedies, as well as constitutional interpretation petition.

Our firm provides legal services including review, administrative appeal, administrative litigation and other tax administrative remedies procedures, strategic planning, practical insight analysis, and procedural representation. We provide the best preparation, analysis, and planning for each client to fight for the best interests of our clients.

Our firm provides legal services for teachers' Act and civil servants administrative remedy procedures, including appeal, re-appeal, deliberation, and administrative litigation, including analysis of legal components, strategic planning, practical insight analysis, and procedural representation. We are committed to providing the best preparation for each client and ensuring the interests of our clients.

Government procurement cases include engineering, labor and property procurement. Regardless of the stage of tendering, bid reviewing, bid awarding, and subsequent contract execution and management or contract performance disputes, our services include assisting clients in the review of bids and contracts, preparation of contract documents, negotiation of contracts, management of the contract performance process, and representation of parties in coordination, dispute, grievance, arbitration, and litigation proceedings in case of contract performance disputes.