Civil Cases

Civil disputes are becoming more and more complex with the diversification of business activities and transactions in the world, and the type of disputes that arise along with are different from the traditional contract types. Our team has the expertise and experience to provide most appropriate dispute resolution for each type of disputes, and we also have extensive litigation experience and can provide litigation representation after the dispute has been litigated. The types of disputes handled by our firm include general civil cases, real estate disputes, labor disputes, and other disputes arising from commercial activities and transactions of the maritime, and large machinery leasing and selling in the aviation industries.

Our firm provides consultation, negotiation services for domestic and foreign general civil disputes before litigation and also provide services such as drafting, translating and reviewing pleadings and litigation documentation, as well as assisting in trials and mediation after the filing of various civil disputes, like contract disputes and state compensation cases.

Our firm provides legal services for real estate dispute in the area of sale and purchase, cooperative development, leasing, trust, removal and restitution, division of common property, mortgage cancellation, borrowing other’s name for registration, urban planning, urban renewal, etc. We assist our clients in resolving disputes arising from real estate.

Our firm provides domestic and foreign labor relations dispute coordination, negotiation and litigation services. We also provide risk assessment of labor issues in the establishment, merger, acquisition or reorganization of enterprises, as well as planning, drafting and reviewing the project such as subsequent dispute resolution, corporate work rules, management rules and regulations, trade secret, non-competition, supporting measures and sexual equality mechanism, and dispute handling services such as mass redundancy of employees by business entity.

Our firm provides legal consultation, negotiation, review, drafting and translation of contracts and legal documentation and dispute handling services for domestic and foreign companies’ operations, cargo claims, bills of lading, and freight forwarding.

Our firm provides legal consultation on the establishment, operation, investment and equity design in domestic and foreign aviation and other large machinery leasing and sale companies, as well as negotiation of large machinery leasing and sale, reviewing, drafting and translating of contracts and legal documentation, and litigation handling services.