Commercial Matters

Commercial practice is one of the core services of our firm. We are familiar with Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, Insurance Act and other related commercial regulations, and provide comprehensive commercial legal services and planning in relation to mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate risk management, bankruptcy reorganization and tendering and bidding.

Our firm provides professional corporate governance and compliance services, providing legal analysis of clients' internal corporate governance, and designing internal corporate governance procedures in compliance with laws and regulations according to clients' individual needs. Our services include drafting and amending articles of incorporation, board of directors' and shareholders' meeting rules and regulations, corporate internal control mechanisms and other corporate governance-related procedures.

Our firm provides regular legal advice and permanent legal counseling services to corporate clients, as well as overall corporate legal risk assessment services.

Our firm has extensive experience in handling corporate management right and shareholding disputes. Our main services include negotiation of management and shareholding disputes, and civil and criminal litigation arising from management right-related disputes.

Our firm provides overall planning and legal services for corporate mergers and acquisitions, including on-site inspections, preparation of investment and merger and acquisition transaction frameworks, design of corporate shareholding structures, commercial negotiations, drafting and amendment of transaction contracts, and corporate establishment procedures.

Our firm provides legal services related to emerging business models and related new industries, such as e-commerce, cloud, Internet of Things and various types of APP mobile commerce, third-party payment, virtual currency and block chain applications. Our services include legal analysis and planning of emerging e-commerce or new business models, preparation of various e-commerce-related contracts, and initial financing and investment design planning for new businesses.

Our firm provides legal services related to bankruptcy, liquidation or reorganization of clients' companies, including assisting creditors and debtors in debt negotiation, handling of labor disputes related to layoffs, filing bankruptcy, liquidation, reorganization-related legal proceedings, and litigation, arbitration or enforcement proceedings.

Our firm provides permanent legal counseling services and legal services for insurance companies and their subsidiaries, including insurance dispute negotiation, litigation and arbitration representation. We also provide legal services for policyholders or beneficiaries in formulating insurance strategies, negotiating insurance contracts, and providing legal advice on insurance claims disputes and representation in litigation and arbitration.