Non-Litigation Matters

In addition to providing general non-litigation services, our attorneys are well versed in tax planning, financial and securities legal services, legal risk management, and multinational investment legal services, and can effectively resolve non-litigation disputes for our clients.

Our firm provides contractual and legal opinion drafting in English and Chinese, and permanent legal counseling services.

Our firm provides legal and tax planning services to domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals in relation to tax issues and the application of various domestic and foreign tax laws.

Our firm handles domestic and foreign stock issuance, IPO, private placement, equity transfer, and other securities issuance and transactions, and undertake corporate mergers and acquisitions (including initial planning of the overall merger and acquisition structure, negotiation of the proposed merger and acquisition-related contract documents, and financial and tax consultation related to the merger and acquisition).

For trademark, copyright and trade secret cases, our firm provides legal services such as litigation strategy drafting, risk analysis, contract drafting and negotiation.

Our firm provides legal risk assessment strategies and solutions to assist clients in controlling and reducing the costs of risk and pursuing the highest corporate efficiency.

Our firm assists clients in setting up branches, subsidiaries, representative offices, etc. in Taiwan in accordance with their operational and business directions, provide advice on mergers and acquisitions, tax treatment, stock listing, etc., and represent clients in cross-border litigation and arbitration in Taiwan, as well as provide legal advice and recommendations on corporate strategic alliances, joint ventures, personnel management and other company-related operational matters.

In response to changes in labor laws and regulations, our firm provides services to employers and individual clients, such as drafting employment contracts and company bylaws, handling personnel law cases, drafting employee confidentiality and non-competition contracts, and consulting on retirement, severance, insurance, benefits, and occupational disaster disputes.